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GVC Driving Schools - Event Requirements

• Drivers must be at least 18 years of age and hold a current, valid driver’s license.
• Cars of all marques are welcome.
• Vehicles we do not allow at our events:
  • Open-top cars such as convertibles/roadsters
  • Sport Utility/Activity vehicles and trucks
  • Open-wheel vehicles
  • Vehicles without a passenger seat for students taking in-car instruction
  • Any vehicle we deem to be unsafe for whatever reason.
• All vehicles must meet our safety and technical requirements. These requirements are detailed on our Technical Inspection Form.
  • The technical inspection must be performed by a knowledgeable repair facility within 4 weeks of an event. We suggest a tech inspection prior to every event, even when the events may only be a week apart.
  • Tech forms must be signed by the inspector and the driver and/or vehicle owner, and will be collected by registration/tech personnel at check-in for the event.
• Emergency Contact and Medical Information:
  • Participants should update emergency contact information in their motorsportreg profiles.
  • Participants and guests with pre-existing medical conditions are encouraged to make this known to the event organizers,in advance of the event,and consider wearing a medical
    alert bracelet or pendant for use by emergency personnel.

Please contact us by e-mail if you need further clarification.


• Priority is given to BMW CCA members, and GVC members have the highest priority.
• Members may register for any or all GVC HPDE’s beginning on or around the first of the New Year.
• Registration for non-members is deferred until one month prior to each event, and registration fees are $100 higher than member fees.

Clearly, membership has its privileges! Current yearly memberships are only $48, and include a full year’s subscription to the Roundel, the official magazine of the BMW CCA.

Run Group Assignments

• In order to maintain a safe and effective learning environment, drivers are placed into run groups based primarily on skill level and experience. In some instances, vehicle type and equipment (in that order) are also taken into consideration.
• Participants self-select placement in a particular run group during registration. However, final run group assignments are determined after review of the driver’s credentials by the Registrar and Chief Instructor.
• In order to maximize enjoyment and minimize traffic on the track, run groups are limited to 35 - 30 students in a track session at Watkins Glen, about half that at smaller venues (e.g., NY Safety Track). Once a run group is full, new applicants for that group are placed on a waiting list, and are "confirmed" for the event only after a place ("seat") opens up within that run group. GVC members are given first priority for promotion to the active roster, followed by BMW CCA members in other chapters, and then non-members.


• Registration for all GVC HP Driving Events is done online on
• If you haven't created a msreg account, you must first do so in order to register for events. Please use your real name, not an alias or moniker.
• If you are a BMW CCA member, be sure to use your CCA membership name for your msreg account, because msreg verifies club membership with the BMW CCA national database.

Registration Confirmation

• You will be notified by email that your application has been received and is being reviewed by the event Registrar. Your status on motorsportreg is shown as "new" while under review.
• If your application is accepted, your status will be updated from "new" to "confirmed".
• Registration for non-members is deferred until one month prior to each event, and registration fees are $100 higher than member fees.


• Fees will be fully refunded or credited (i.e. no cancellation fee) if you cancel at least one month prior to an event. After that date, all fees are forfeited unless we are able to fill
your slot with a new registration or from the waiting list.
• Credits are good for one year, and are forfeited if not redeemed.
• Contact the Registrar by phone or email if you must cancel after the deadline.
• Fees for “no-shows/no-calls” are forfeited in their entirety.
• Except for medical or family emergencies, no refunds or credits are granted if you leave during the event for any reason.


• All attendees at GVC driving events are covered by a $10 million BMW CCA liability insurance policy.
• All participants must sign an "electronic" BMW CCA/GVC insurance waiver during registration to obtain coverage under the policy. Proof that you have signed the waiver will be required at check-in.
• To gain entry to the track facility, you (and your guests) will also be required to sign a separate track waiver.
• Minors (anyone under 18 years old) must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
A special minor waiver must be completed and signed by at least one parent or guardian.
• If a parent or legal guardian is not present at the event, the minor waiver must be filled out and signed by at least one parent/guardian in advance.


• Helmets are mandatory for all drivers and passengers when on track.
• Helmets must be rated Snell 2015 or 2020 SA or M, SFI 31.1, or FIA 8860.
• Helmets must be presented to tech inspectors at event check-in for verification of condition and safety rating.
• Loaner helmets are available only for guests taking track rides with instructors.

For more information and answers to questions you might have, please email the GVC Registrar

Instructors new to GVC are asked to visit the instructor web page for information about instructing at our events.